December 2014: Makuini


ICR Host, Katrina Murray, of Kiwi and Proud talks with MaKuini or New Zealand’s Delta Queen….pronounced ‘MaQueenie’ about her life as a singer in London. MaKuini was introduced at a young age to the sounds of, Mahalia Jackson, Etta James, Sarah Vaughan, and Ella Fitzgerald. With her sister Heeni accompanying her on guitar, Mākuini entered Maori community and national festival competitions leading to a Maori Education Foundation Grant, which allowed her to study music in the city of Auckland. Mākuini became an established singer, dancer and actress both on stage and with appearances in television drama, radio, and light entertainment shows. Before travelling to England, where she is now based. Mākuini toured venues in, Fiji, Samoa, Cook Islands, Tahiti, Hawaii and Los Angeles. You can also hear her music in flight on Air New Zealand. Listen as Katrina carries up with the famous singer.

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