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So, what is Proud Kiwis Abroad is all about?!

Hi there, I’m Katrina Murray, the founder of Proud Kiwis Abroad and I’m delighted that you’re visiting my page!

Do you remember those warm summer days in New Zealand, going down to the local swimming pool, bike riding with your friends, wearing bare feet (or jandals), lazy days and warm nights? Do you remember picking mushrooms, or daffodil day, spring lambs, taking your pet to pet day at school or listening to Split Enz, Ardijah, Katchafire or The Black Seeds on the radio?

Do you remember ice on puddles, wearing gumboots to school and crunching through frosty grass, freezing southerly winds, snow on mountain tops?

Do you miss time spent with friends and family?

Me too – and these are some of the things that I loved most about growing up in New Zealand – and things I miss most now that I don’t live there anymore.

I know you get homesick because I do too.

And that’s why Proud Kiwis Abroad exists!

To share and rekindle fond memories, to share news, information and photos to help you stay in touch PLUS events in your new adopted homeland. Even though you may be many miles and countries from home, we  NEVER want you to feel you can’t be connected to home by visiting us on our Facebook page or website.

If you want to feel that Kiwi connection and community, that New Zealand slice of heaven – you’re in the right place!

Introducing Proud Kiwis Abroad…

It’s our mission to help you stay in touch and feel connected to New Zealand and we aim to help keep you connected in 3 main ways.

#1 Proud Kiwis Abroad Facebook,

Check out our Facebook Page and Kiwi Community

Share in our posts, add your thoughts, comments and photos to our page. With our community of over 13,000 Kiwis on our page, and several photo albums to scroll through, you’re sure to find something to enjoy!

#2 Proud Kiwis Abroad Blog,

On our blog you’ll find articles and  New Zealand hot spots to put on your bucket list for your next trip home. You’ll find Featured Towns – featuring a New Zealand town or city each week, interviews, products and services for Kiwis and more.

#3 Proud Kiwis Abroad TV,

Where you’ll find recorded interviews and shared videos on a HUGE variety of Kiwi-ness

… AND for those of you in business, tips, hints and ideas to help you market your small business online. If you’re a Kiwi entrepreneur we want to help you succeed!!


Where can you stay in touch so you don’t miss any Kiwi goodness?

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About Katrina Murray.

Katrina Murray

Proud Kiwis Abroad was founded by Katrina Murray. Katrina is originally from Carterton, New Zealand and has been living abroad since 1991. She moved to Australia as a single parent of 3 young boys, desperate to create a ‘better life’ with more opportunity for her young family. As a hard worker and budding entrepreneur Katrina has made Queensland home, but talks about, writes about and visits New Zealand at any given opportunity!! Now happily married and a proud mum to 5 awesome kids, Katrina understands the importance of her children understanding their family and countries history and what makes New Zealand unique and special to those that call New Zealand home.